07.22.98 From Perfect Stranger: the City Council of Odessa had accepted a business plan to revive Chornomorets. The majority of players will remain with the club.

07.20.98 From Perfect Stranger: Oleh Blokhin (ex-consultant coach of Chornomorets Odessa)became the head-coach of the Greek club PAOK (Saloniki).

07.09.98 From Jareky's home page: The fate of Chornomorets' will be defined in closest week. Present clubs guidors say that they keep majority of previous season players till July,15. Till this time they wait for the decision of city and region guidors upon the commercial proposals that were sent them. In the case of negative answer or it's absence the possibilities of financing Chornomorets are minimal and the club rather will stop existance.

07.08.98 Previous rumour was just a rumour. The head coach of CSKA Moscow is now ex-coach of Chernomorets ... Novorosiysk.

07.06.98 From Mark: According to CSKA Moscow GuestBook, L.Buryak may have a chance to lead their team.

06.30.98 From Perfect Stranger's Page: Torpedo Moscow wants Ukrainian International Olexandr Zotov; Denys Kolchyn (U-21), Pavlo Skoropad (U-21), Volodymyr Hapon and Serhi Tkachenko are in Dnipro training camp; Dynamo Kyiv is after halfback Olexandr Shutov.

06.20.98 From the interview with Leonid Buriak (x-coach of Chornomorets Odesa):
- There was no inconfidence vote by players contrary to media reports. My decision was voluntary, under no pressure. I am tired of absence of proper financing and 'attention' from City Hall. Imagine -- in the last year Chornomorets has sold more than 40 players to Ukrainian and Western teams. Compare with Dynamo Kyiv -- only Maxymov left. How could anybody talk about high goals when every year I need to create a new team?
- Are you a free agent now?
- Yes. I have offers from Ukrainian Clubs and from abroad. But I need to think everything carefully to make a right decision.

06.18.98The manager of FC Chornomorets Odesa Volodymyr Ploskyna has confirmed that the players expressed their vote of inconfidence in the former coach Leonid Buriak. Real-Bank who was the main sponsor of the team withdrew its support and currently Chornomorets is conducting negotiations with interested sides.

06.15.98 All Odesa players demanded the resignation of Leonid Buriak.

06.05.98 On the game between Chornomorets-CSKA it is appeared on a board that a head coach of Chernomorets is Kozerenko. May be it was a mistake but more likely Buryak left the club. Nobody has sad anything about it but we all know that Buryak was looking for some other contract lately. Well, lets say to him goodbye and lets wish him luck in any other club.

06.02.98 Ukraine - Chornomorets 3:1. More about this game read here