Dinamo - Chernomorec 4:1

From: Maksim Kopanitsa
Subject: Optimistic tragedy (DK vs Chudo)

Hello, folks! Here are some remarks on the clash between mighty DK and shabby Chudo-Sailors, that ruled their ship to the bottom of the Table.

The squad of DK was the same, as in the game with Zhalgiris, except for Kiryukhin and Gerasymenko being substituted for Serebrennikov and Kardash. Here are the approximate positions of the Odessites:

Krisanov   Holokolosov
Mokan Karyaka Yatsurak
Kolesnychenko Bulygin-Shramko Spitsyn

As you see, Holokolosov-Sr. is still experimenting. There was yet another newcomer playing-Dmytro Krisanov, the former Torpedaewoo player. Also, Vitaly Kolesnychenko appeared after some break.

My comments will be short, as the scenario was usual for all Premier league games where DK plays: Kyivans are attacking, whereas the other team tries to catch DK on counter-attacks. However, in case of Chudo, counter-attcking could not be possible, since its main forward, Husseinov moved like a giant elefant stuck in the mud. He always took the ball with his face turned to own half and once, he had to run 15-20 m back to actually turn around, because DK midfielders chasted him. The result was that Timerlan finally lost the ball to Kardash, who, having penetrated the entire left part of the defence gave a 100% pass to Rebrov, The latter hammered from close range and it has been 3:0 already by end of the first half.

However, the first 30 min were rather calm and most of spectators already decided that main Sturm und Drang will be in the second half, when Sailors will be exausted. Indeed, the defence played more or less leak-proof, allowing DK players to perform various shots from long ranges. Shatskikh used that many times to earn vivid cheering shouts from the crowd. In fact, the most dangerous moment of that beginning part of the game was when Yatsurak tricked Kaladze and ran almost to the end of the pitch to give a precise pass to Holokolosov whose strike was easily saved by Shovkovsky. Then there came the penalty kick. To an interested observer like myself, Rebrov was not laid down. The indirect evidence is that the refferee actually first let the game be continued and then after some pause, whistled and pointed to the 11-m point. Anyway, I could moan and cry for unjustice if it was not a magnificient score by Shatskikh from the corner kick. It took only 1 min for DK to seal their success, when Maksym jumped high after Yashkin's header and volleyed with head from the close range. I think it was then, when Chudo had already lost the game. Then there was the Husseinov-assisted third goal by DK, so the break was spent in guessing whether Rebrov makes another hat-trick. He has done it to the joy of the 5000 supporters. Having got the ball in the middle of the pitch, Rebrov showed excellent dribbling skills, went one on one with Chystov and shot precisely. Nice score and I'm glad that DK is in such a great shape to beat their next rivals on the way to CL. Both DK forwards will surely be a huge headache for Aalborg defence.

Now, about Chudo. We did scored our second goal in the tournament. It was Mokan who suddenly ran to the right corner of the box and received a precise pass from Holokolosov-Jr. Holovko somehow let Vasyl to catch the ball and direct it past two defenders and amused Shovkovsky right into the far left upper corner. Wow, beautiful-I was glad like a little boy and joyfully shouted "repeat, Vasya, repeat" being circled by the crowd of DK supporters :-). In other moments, though, Mokan was as slow as Husseinov. Again, like in the game with CSKA, I noticed the expression of full immotivation on his face. How come he demonstrates best results in testing (cit. Holokolosov's interview to Komanda)? I think the best players were Kolesnychenko, Yatsurak (1st half) and Artemenko-Karyaka (2nd half). They clearly were motivated and did their best to improve the performance of the whole team. I especially liked Yatsurak. Gapon, who replaced Kolesnychenko (for unknown reasons...) also was good and created some mess in the left part of the pitch, making Husyn to lay him down once. Chystov was OK, but probably could save the ball in the last moment with Rebrov. Holokolosov-Jr. was not bad, but tight DK defence is certainly not the place to show your talents...In conclusion, I hope Chudo will finally stabilise its squad. However, there is a need for some ultimate decisions, i.e. temporary removal of Husseinov. I also absolutely cannot understand where is Kovrizhkin? Well, those are questions to Holokolosov-Sr., but I will sigh easily only after two victories in a row... Bye,

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