Karpaty - Chernomorec 5:0

Goals: Mizin 45, 66; Khoma 49; Semochko 75; Kovalets' 85.
From: Maksim Kopanitsa
Subject: Another f(lu)king Chudo....

Here goes the English extract of Andriy Voronov's report on the Karpaty-Chornomoretz' game. All grades, remarks and notes are solely reflection of the AV's point of view...

KARPATY- Strontsitsky-6, Tanasyuk-5, Vilchynsky-5.5, Mizin-7 (Pavlyukh, 70), Tymchyshyn-5.5, Kovalets-7, Vovchuk-6 (Lutsyshyn, 73), Nazarov-6 (Yevglevsky, 43-6.5). Pokladok-6, Semochko-6, Khoma-6.5
Substitutes: Hetsko, Danylovsky, Onysko, Tlumak

CHORNOMORETS'-Hryshko-3.5; Spitsyn-4.5 (Kostyuk, 75), Bulygin-Shramko-4.5, Polischuk-4, Yatsurak-5, Karyaka-5 (Mochulyak, 56), Mokan-5.5 (Vorona, 70), Husseinov-4, Artemenko-4, Holokolosov-5, Krysanov-4.5.
Substitutes: Chystov, Kalynychenko

Booked: Yatsurak (24, faul against Vilchynsky), Tanasyuk (35, faul against Husseinov); Husseinov (36, kicked Tanasyuk without the ball (revenge to balless Tanasyuk-M.K.:-))); Hryshko (85, disagreement with the linesman) Sent off: Polischuk (38, faul against Nazarov), Hryshko (85, another yellow card for not giving a ball).

45 - Mizin
48 - Khoma
66 - Mizin
78 - Khoma
88 - Kovalets

Statistics (Karpaty-Chudo):
Shots wide: 10-3
Shots on goal: 9-5
Corners: 10-3
Offsides: 5-3
Other dangerous moments: 5 (Semochko-3; Mizin, Vovchuk)-2 (Husseinov-2)

First half:
The starting squad of Karpaty certainly missed Yevtushok, Zub, Tolochko, Zakoyuk and of course Hetsko, who was placed among substitutes just before the game. It is thus no wonder that during the first 5 min Chornomorets tried to open the scoring, totally occupying the host's half. Then, Karpaty slowly gained the initiative and responded on the 13 min with the strike by Semochko from the Kovalets pass. Odessa forwards,Husseinov and Holokolosov were personally guarded by Tymchyshyn and Tanasyuk respectively.
Timerlan played constantly on the risk of off-side, visibly lacking understanding with partners. On the other hand, Mokan's creative efforts in the middle were too sophisticated. On the 26 min, Karpaty earned the corner after Kovalets' kick was reflected by Spitsyn closely to the left post.
Kovalets made a header ideally on Semochko's head, who directed the ball...in Hryshko's hands. It was the last moment when Odessa goalie saved his team...Active Semochko failed to score on Vovchuk's pass three minutes later. Chornomorets responded quickly with a powerful shot of Yatsurak from 40 m which was captured by Strontsytsky. On the 35 min, Tanasyuk and Husseinov exchanged fauls, getting both bookings. Husseinov's faul was not justified, allegedly.
The 38 min brought up the episode that affected all the remaining game. Odessa side Polischuk, for whom it was the first game for Chornomorets', attacked Nazarov. It was clear that he first touched the ball and then stroke the Nazarov's leg. Neither it looked like an attack from behind. However, the referree Horozhankin, being himself far enough from the site of the episode, sent Polischuk off. The majority of spectators, including deep Karpaty fans agreed that the faul did not deserve such a punishemnt. Karpaty received some space and flooded the Odessa side's box. On the last minutes, Karpaty performed 3 corners in a row, with the last one saved by Hrushko anfter Mizin's kick. The referree added much time, and it was on the 4th (!) extra minute when Mizin volleyed in the right corner, finally opening the scoring. 1-0!

Second half
The first minutes of the second half clearly demonstrated that Karpaty won't stop on one goal. Substituted Yevglevsky made a pass on Khoma, standing alone on the box's line. The latter easily cheated Hryshko, sending the ball into empty volley.
On the 55 minute, Husseinov appeared suddenly tet-a-tet with Strontsytsky and tried to throw the ball above the falling keeper. However, Strontsytsky reflected the ball with his shoulder to Tanasyuk. The latter returned the ball back (!) and Husseinov intercepted it and wanted to score on turn, but Strontsystsky jumped like lion and stopped the ball in Husseinov's feet. Shortly after that, Holokolosov slided between 3 (!) defenders and shot close to the post. On 58th min he and Husseinov ran into Karpaty box having only Vilchynsky before them. Holokolosov had better position, but decided to gave the pass to Husseinov which was intercepted by the defender. Karpaty stroke back with two crosses by Vovchuk on 61 and 66 min.
However, neither Mizin nor Pokladok capitalised, despite Hryshko failed to intercept them. On the 66 min, Semochko shoots on Hryshko, who clears the ball on Artemenko. The defender makes his pass to ..Mizin, who nets into empty volley-3:0! Karpaty continued their attacks and Kovalets scored after his individual raid past two defenders and parachute-like ball traectory above Hryshko. Odessa goalie realy has had a nervous breakdown which brought up him a yellow card when he disagreed with the linesman regarding the tentative corner after Yatsyrak touched the ball. Hryshko got mad and kicked the ball toward the centre of the pitch, getting another booking... The spectators bursted with their applauds when Husseinov got his place in the frame. He had to change 2 shirts, because Horozhankin was not happy with their colour!! Soon after that, the forward had a chance to practice-Husseinov cleared the corner kick. However, he could not save the team from the powerful strike by Kovalets close to the left post. Finita la...
Ostap Semkiv personally congratulated each Karpaty player with such a victory.

After the game.

Stepan Yurchishyn:
-We did not play well in the first half, but were greatly helped by Mizin's goal. We had a squad far from ideal: Yevtushok, Tolochko, Hetsko, Zub - they all must improve the team's performance. The score is correct, as Odessites looked very weak today.

Alexander Holokolosov:
What can I say about the game...I am satisfied with my team, the players fought but lacked their partner...The result is just, since we were in minority...I didn't see any banditism there (in Polischuk's faul), maybe I understood something wrong. I'll look at the tape, maybe there I'll see that...

Question: 0-3, 0-5-don't you want to quit?
-..I don't think that I am the reason...
Question: Is squad the reason?
-You have seen 5 new players, that's all.
Question: What about the financial basis of the team?
-Apparently it doesn't make me nervous. (Rus.-Vneshne ona ne razdrazhayet????)

Comments of the translator: It is interesting why Holokolosov didn't let Kovrizhkin play? He received best references even in lost games...Also, is Hryshko becoming so unreliable, or it is the mistake of the coach while assembling the defence?

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