Chernomorec - Kremen' 3:1

30' - Gusak, 1:0
Kolesnichenko, 1:1
Gapon, 2:1
Gapon, 3:1 (pen.)

From: Maksim Kopanitsa

Tale about The left Gapon's foot (Chornomoretz'-Kremin' report)

Chornomoretz-Kremin' 3:1

May 25, 1999
Central ChMP stadium. Att.: 1500

Odessa side: Gryshko, Vasylkiv, Bulygin, Yerokhin, Kostyuk (Sobkovych, 62), Karyaka, Mokan, Kolesnychenko (Mochulyak, 77), Gapon (Chernov, 89), Golokolosov, Bagyrov

Kremenchuk side: Syrotin, Karas' (Samara, 75), Sychov, Sakhno, Stakhiv, Magdiev (Golovaty,55), Yankovsky, Siomka (Yatin, 68), Mykulyak, Agayev (Polischuk, 65), Gusak (Khanenko, 80).

Scores: Gusak (30), Kolesnychenko (42), Gapon (62, 81).

Unexpectedly for the few observers gathered at the ChMP Stadium, it was Kremin' that opened the scoring. Sakhno (is it the one who played for Chudo quite a while ago?) made a header from the left side to the far corner of the goalie box, and Gusak directed it right into the post over Gryshko. The ball fell to earth and rolled to the opposite post. The players continued to fight for the ball, but the linesman waived his banner - score! Odessa woke up and Kolesnychenko volleyed from the goalie box after the Kostyuk's pass.

Then Mokan sent the ball just near the post. Syrotin, the Kremin's keeper was probably the best player of the game, clearing many dangerous strikes from Karyaka, Sobkovych and Gapon. The latter, however scored the winners with his favourite left foot: the first time from the box and the next one from a penalty kick.

In summary, it was another important victory for Odessites, willing to leave the weaker class. The biggest rival FC Cherkasy defeated the leader Torpedo 2:1 and still is 2 points behind Chudo.