From: Maksim Kopanitsa

CSAC-2 vs Chornomoretz details

21. CSAC MFU stadium. Att. 1000
Kiev side: Bayrashevsky, Gregul' (Ditkovsky, 68), Maltsev, Il'chenko, Semchuk, Polyarush, (O. Oleksiyenko, 57), Ulyanytsky, Selezniov, Korenev (Pakholyuk, 46), Bezruchko (Gorodov, 68), Gogil' (I. Oleksiyenko, 85).

Odessa side: Gryshko, Sobkovych (Stoyanov, 85), Bulygin, Yerokihin (Bukel, 25, Stryzhakov, 62), Kostyuk (Mochulyak, 59), Kolesnychenko, Mokan, Husseinov, Gapon (Tereschenko, 69), Golokolosov, Bagyrov.

Scores: Ulyanytsky (57), O. Oleksiyenko (72).

Pakholyuk failed to score from penalty kick (87').

Booked: Bagirov (27), Husseinov (28), Kostyuk (29), Gregul' (31), Ulyanytsky (52), Gogil' (75), I. Oleksienko (88).

Sent off: Husseinov (82, another yellow card)

The game was an exceptionally poor performance for Odessa side searching to squeak into the higher class. Although, in the beginning Husseinov alone was at least twice on the brink of success. CSAC replied with dangerous moments created by Selezniov and Polyarush. In the end of the first half, Husseinov, left free again shot off the score.

In the second half, better shaped Kyiv side took the initiative and Ulyanytsky's strike from 20 m became a real hallmark of the whole game. Obviously, the best tactics for CSAC now was counterattacking. One minute after his substitution, O. Oleksiyenko carried the ball from the Kyiv half up to the Odessa box and volleyed it into the right corner. The loss of Husseinov with 18 min to go, caused a complete havoc among Odessites which started to faul. Gryshko nicely cleared a penalty kick, but nonetheless let the two offside scores happen during the time remained.

Odessa coach Golokolosov tried to explain the defeat by the lack of the fit performers and general tiredness of the players. Well, without Husseinov and Tkachenko still missing the next game, Chudo should collect all its will to win the next game. Their closest rival FC Cherkasy are only 2 points behind after the victory over Metalurh Nikopol (3:1).