Date: 1999-05-17/21:08 Blixa
Cherkassy - Chernomorec 2-5

Golokolosov - 2
Mokan - 2
Guseynov - 1

From: Maksim Kopanitsa

Jeden das sein (Chudo vs FC Cherkasy details)

Welcome on board to the Magical Mystery Tour to enigmatic Cherkasy located in the heart of the Dill Land for the game of the two first league giants!

The squads:

Cherkasy side: Humenyuk, Bilozor, Shubyn (Hrechany, 46), Zhygulin (Agaryn, 51), A. Hrytsai (Burkhan, 59) Tyupkin (Bilan, 44), Venhlynsky, Stolovytsky, Khursa (Chipa, 46) Kosyrin, O. Hrytsai

Odesa side: Hryshko, Tkachenko (Vasylkiv, 63) Bulygin, Yerokhin, Kostyuk, Karyaka (Tereschenko, 61), Mokan, Husseinov (Stryzhakov, 85), Gapon, Golokolosov Jr. (Mochulyak, 61), Bagyrov.

Booked: Karyaka, Tkachenko
Sent off: Humenyuk (last hope faul)

Scorers: Golokolosov (36, 60), Mokan (44, 85), Husseinov (55), Chipa (65), Burkhan (72, penalty kick)

Chudo was so committed and certain to win that they arrived to Cherkasy only 2 hours before the game. Golokolosov Sr said that "boys got excellently prepared back in Odessa. I am practically convinced that we will win the game". However the first minutes were not so easy for Odessites as the leftside of Cherkasy permanently plundered Odessa box. Kosyrin could score already on 11 min from the Khursa's cross but failed to touch the ball. Odessa also decided to use its left wing and a minute later Mokan made a header toward Golokolosov Jr, however Humenyuk was the first to capture the ball. A little later Mokan again checked Humenyuk from behind the box with a beatiful kick.

In the midlle of the first half it became clear that release of the two nominal forwards (Golokolosov and Husseinov) was a correct tactics, since Cherkasy could barely hold them both. The home sode however relied basically only on one clear attacker, Kosyrin. On the 36 min Golokolosov powered into the left lower corner and while Humenyuk guessed the direction correctly, the ball touched somebody on the way and opened the scoring. Cherkasy ran into the Odessa half and Venhlynsky created two dangerous situations just in the Odessa box. Then, Odessa perfectly used counter-attacking tactics: Husseinov encountered Humenyuk tet-a-tet, but Humenyuk laid the forward down to the earth 2 m behind the box line. Following Humenyuk's sending off, Bilan appeared but was immediately dismayed by the stunning Mokan's direct kick. Cherkasy made another attempt to capture the initiative, but yet another counter attack led to the third scoring: Mokan crossed to Husseinov and he volleyed from the right corner of the box. Golokolosov scored the 4th goal and that seemed to settle the dispute finally. Cherkasydidn't agree though and tried to score at any rate. Kosyrin was certainly the best in that period, hitting the post once and missing short another time. The substitutions made by Cherkasy coach Muntyan freshed the team and long tall Chipa scored after the corner on the 65 min. On the 72nd min Kosyrin was laid in the goalie box and Burkhan further decreased the difference from the penalty kick. Odessa side however didn't let the home team to ride the horse too long and Mokan unexpected shot from 30 m instead of the awaited pass to Husseinov, capitalised the superb performance of the Chornomoretz'.

So the task is to hold the 5 point difference during the last 9 rounds.
Not so easy ...