Date: 1999-05-11/19:10 Tim

Chernomorec - Poles'e 2:0
goly: Tkachenko, Bagirov (Gol krasavec)

Maksim V. Kopanitsa :

Central ChMP Stadium. Att. 1500.

Odesa side: Gryshko, Tkachenko, Bulygin, Yerokhin, Kostyuk, Karyaka, Mokan (Stryzhakov, 67), Husseinov (Tereschenko, 62), Gapon (Bagyrov, 69), Sobkovych (Mochulyak, 54), Kolesnychenko (Vasylkiv, 62).

Scorers: Tkachenko (11), Bagyrov (77).

The first one was scored from a beautiful pass by Mokan right into the goalie box, where jumpy youngster Tkachenko just put his foot into the right place. The second one was the result of the slalom-like raid of Bagyrov with the unclearable shot from the corner of the goalie box. Husseinov, Gapon and Mochulyak also could score, however Arkasha Batalov successfully cleared the rest of the shots.

NB: I noted that Golokolosov makes plenty of substitutions in the last games. Does it mean that the players get tired? Then they going to have some trouble in the higher league :-), since 5 substitutions are apparently not allowed there.