Chernomorec - FK L'vov 2:1

From: Maksim Kopanitsa
Subject: Chornomoretz'-FC Lviv details

21 June. Odessa. Central ChMP Stadium. Att.: 2700

Odessa side: Gryshko, Tkachenko, Kolesnichenko (Gapon, 46), Yerokhin, Sobkovych, Karyaka, Mokan, Husseinov, Kostyuk (Bagirov, 46), Golokolosov (Stoyanov, 81), Mochulyak (Vasylkiv, 77).

Lviv side: Maruschak, Galun (Panchuk, 12) Leskiv, Riznyk, Lapko, Grytsenko, Dutko, Fedyk, Kotovenko, Vikaryuk (Vergun, 11), Mazur.

Scores: Mokan (25), Lapko (44), Husseinov (75).

In their last home game in the championship, Odessites faced stubborn Halychans, sitting in the upper part of the Tour Table. The first dangerous moment near the Lviv's box was the Husseinov's shot from the direct kick which hit the wall. Lviv replied with two sharp Mazur's attacks: he hit the post after a head kick and then could have netted on the Lapko's pass, but Gryshko intercepted the ball. Chudo opened the score after the Golokolosov penetrated into the Lviv's half along the left side almost to the end of the pitch and passed the ball to Mokan. The Odessites' dispatcher performed a clumsy kick which however reached the lower corner of net. In 8 minutes the situation reversed and then, if not the Maruschak interception, Golokolosov could score on the Mokan's cross. It was obvious, though, that the hosts' defence line clearly wasn't in its best shape: during the last 10 min of the first half Lviv could equalise on the Mazur and Lapko close range shots. Nonetheless, on the 44 min, Odessa defenders let Lapko to get the ball and he scored beautifully from a 22 m shot.

Golokolosov Sr performed two useful substitutions during the break, since it turned out that Bagirov and Gapon have created half of Odessa opportunitites in the second half. The others were made by Mochulyak, Mokan and Tkachenko.

Thus, Gapon almost scored when the Lviv's goalie failed to catch the ball between his legs, but Grytsenko cleared the shot from the very goal line. On the 66 min Husseinov hits the post (I think he does it too often :-)) on the Gapon's cross. On the 75th min, the hosts' captain scores a classic British one: a header from Bagirov and sharp head strike. Congratulations, Timerlan!

No more dry games!!!