Date: 1999-06-18/20:02 Blixa

Chernomorec - Volyn' 3:1

30 min. Golokolosov 1:1
45 min. Golokolosov 2:1
72 min. Erohin 3:1

From: Maksim Kopanitsa
Subject: Chornomoretz'-Volyn' details

Odessa. Central ChMP Stadium. Att.: 2500

Odessa side: Gryshko (Rudenko, 90), Tkachenko, Kolesnychenko, Yerokhin, Sobkovych (Vasylkiv, 24), Karyaka, Mokan (Mochulyak, 52), Husseinov, Gapon, Golokolosov (Stoyanov, 65), Bagirov (Kostyuk, 31).

Luts'k side: Chopik, Tkachuk, Burkovsky, Fedyukov, Yatsurak (Mozolyuk, 52), Dranitsky (Bogunov, 60), Cobekh (Vorona, 56), Komzyuk, Figel' (Matusevich, 46), Kokhanovsky, Shayda (Vorobey, 63).

Scorers: Yatsurak (21), Golokolosov (28, 45), Yerokhin (68).

In addition to Yuriy Bukel, the defence line of Chornomoretz' lost another qualified defender, Serhiy Bulygin that was injured during the training session. That prompted Golokolosov Sr. to moveTkachenko from the flank to the libero position where he performed very impressively during the whole game. Let's recall, that he started as a forward and moved to the back via midfielder position. Another Husyn-like phenomenon?
However, the removal of Tkachenko from the side to the centre led to some problems. The unstopped raid of Yatsurak along the left side leading to the unexpected score opening, made Golokolosov to substitute Vasylkiv for poor performing Sobkovych, so that Kostyuk played on the right and Vasylkiv on the left sides of defence respectively. This rearrangement brought some effect. Seven minutes after Yatsurak's score, Karyaka's shot from 18 m was denied by Chopik, but Glokolosov volleyed precisely from the close range.
Thereafter, Chornomoretz firmly grasped the game. As usually, Husseinov was very active. On the 30th minute he barely scored on turn, sending the ball off the far corner. Then his head kick from the Golokolosov cross touched the back of some lucky defender. Timerlan missed another opportunity following Mokan's header, shooting again closely to the post. One minute before the break, Kostyuk flew along the right side and made a pass to the free Golokolosov. The latter laid the ball onto the "favourite foot" and volleyed from close range.
Five min after the break, Husseinov again sends the ball off the post after Golokolosov's pass. The only chance for Volyn' to equalise was the beautiful shot of Komzyuk from 22 m cleared nicely by Gryshko. The third goal was scored by Yerokhin's head kick after Mochulyak's corner.