Date: 1999-06-06/19:00 Blixa

Iavor - Chernomorec 1:1 (1:0)

Golokolosov 83min

From: Maksim Kopanitsa

Yavir-Chornomoretz details

Sumy. "Avangard" Stadium. Att. 7500

Sumy side: Kirichek, Makar, Lystopadov, Olenin, Osadchy, Ostrivny, Matyushenko, Morozov (Stolyarov, 58), Sovenko, Terkulov (Maschenko, 65; Yermak, 83), Kovryzhkin (Zavgorodniy, 54)

Odessa side: Gryshko, Tkachenko (Vasylkiv, 82), Bulygin, Yerokhin, Kostyuk (Sobkovych, 63), Karyaka, Mokan, Husseinov, Gapon (Kolisnychenko, 56), Golokolosov, Bagirov (Mochulyak, 60)

Scores: Matyushenko (43), Golokolosov (86)
Booked: Yerokhin (14), Matyushenko (30).

The huge crowd of spectators that came to the game suggested that Yavir will fight to the end. Indeed, originally coming from Krasnopillya, Yavir recently relocated to Sumy and tried to do its best to remain in the first league. Most of the supporters though believed that the superior Odessa side should win anyway.

The home side began very sharply with four shots during the first eight minutes. The Odessa side played slowly, obviously relying on counter attacks. However, when Gryshko stopped the ball only on the goal line after one of the numerous shots on goal, Chornomoretz lost its patience and soon Husseinov replied shaking the bar. The Odessa side took the initiative up to the break, but allowed Yavir to open the scoring from the direct kick after the faul against Terkulov.

The game pattern didn't change after the break with Sumy side having twice more scoring opportunities. Chornomoretz equalised only 7 minutes to go in a manner, similar to the Yavir's score: Golokolosov sent the ball into the lower corner after the direct kick following a faul committed by Matyshenko.