Date: 1999-06-03/18:33 Blixa

Neftiannik - Chernomorec 1:4 (1:0)

Gapon (pen.)

From: Maksim Kopanitsa


Okhtyrka. "Naftovyk" stadium. Att. 4000

Okhtyrka side: Storozhenko (Volvakov, 49), Teslyk (Sukharev, 46), Bermudes, Polyakov (Fedorayev, 84), Pronin, Okhrymenko (Ivanenko, 74), Kharchenko, Mikhno, Prodan (Koroschenko, 46), Kolesnyk, Grachev.

Odessa side: Gryshko, Tkachenko, Bulygin, Sobkovych, Kolesnychenko (Kostyuk, 59), Karyaka, Mokan (Chernov, 76), Husseinov (Tereschenko, 67), Gapon (Mochulyak, 66), Golokolosov (Vasylkiv, 79), Bagyrov.

Booked: Sobkovych, Kharchenko.

Scores: Mikhno (3), Gapon (58), Golokolosov (71), Tereschenko (85), Tkachenko (88).

Odessa side certainly hoped for a win, but was dismayed already on the 3d minute, when Gryshko deflected the Bermudes cross on Mikhno. Kolesnychenko could equalise already on 19 min on a precise goal shot which was nicely saved by Storozhenko. However, the Odessa side succeeded only when Storozhenko was substituted after collision with Odessa players. On the 50th min Husseinov lost a 100% opportunity to score on Gapon's cross. The latter was laid down in the box soon and equalised from a penalty kick (actually from the additional shot after Volvakov denial). On the 71st min Golokolosov-Jr slalomed to the box and Pronin being afraid of another penalty kick, didn't stop the forward. The third one was scored on a sharp right angle shot by Tererschenko, whereas Tkachenko finished the hosts with two min to go.

Extracts of the Golokolosov-Sr press conference:
...I am satisfied with the game, because there happen much worse ones. I can't understand though, what happenned to Naftovyk after the break, i just failed to recognize them.

...I don't defend myself, the guys do their best, but about a half of the team could still play on the same level a year or two. I have 8 players from the second league. I sincerely pity about them, I can't demand much, because I played by myself, so I know how it is felt...

Question: will there be any additional purchases if Chornomoretz makes it to the Higher League?

Certainly, we have to get new players, but I can't say how it will be.
We are in a very hard situation, it is understandable, because we are very young (especially Gryshko, Mokan and Husseinov :-) M.K.). Today good players are sold for big money, but we just came from one club to the other...The team actually exists only for 2-3 months. We have played only 14 games with a renewed squad and I think it's normal what we show now. I can only apologise for a mediocre play sometimes...