From: Maksim Kopanitsa

"Chornomorets'" - Desna 4:0
26 April, ChMp. Att. 1500

Referee: Potapchuk (Mykolaiv) - 8.1

Odesa side: Gryshko, Tkachenko (Gapon, 10), Bulygin, Bukel', Kostyuk (Vasylkiv, 55), Karyaka, Mokan (Husseinov, 60), Sobkovych, Mochulyak, Golokolosov-Jr (Tereschenko, 56), Kolesnychenko (Bagyrov, 57).

Goals: Kolesnychenko (5), Golokolosov (23, 55), Husseinov (74).

Booked: Tsyperdyuk, Matsuta (Desna).

Having scored all four goals from headers, Chudo easily overcame the bottom-settled Desna. Kolesnychenko and Golokolosov (his 2nd goal)scored from precise Mokan headers. The best one was by all means the firstscore by Golokolosov-Jr (2:0) when he capitalised in flight the Kostyuk's headerfrom the 11-m point. However, Odessites were not less delighted when on 74thmin Vasylkiv's pass found 31-years old Husseinov who appeared after 2 months absence due to a knee injury. Welcome back, Timerlan. Reign on! By the way, DK-2 unexpectedly lost to stubborn Nikopol' Metalurh 1:2 (Serebrennykov scored from the penalty kick for Kyiv). So, Chudo wentahead some minute 2 points, a gap which has to be broadened to secure thehidher league qualification.