Dolgansky, Skoropad, Sushko (Kolesnichenko, 46),
    Makhmutov (Kolchin,46), Petz, Schekotilin,
    Shutov (Pogorelov, 83), Kamnev, Zotov, Mglynets',
Att. 8000
Referee: Grysio, Bryndza, Derev'yanko (Lviv)
    1:0 Kluchyk (69, free kick)
    1:1 Mglynetz' (85, by leg, assistent by Schekolitin)
Booked: Poltavets' (Met), 81 (udar po nogakh)

NB : Volodymyr Kozyrenko, one of Chornomoretz' coaches said: The situation demanded from us playing open football. It might seem that we played too cautiously but we had to take into account traditional advantages of Metalurg in home games, namely, high mobility and attacking potential. I am satisfied that our players carried out the game plan, especially due to their high self-giving (samoviddacha). The draw completely satisfies us.
    Oleksandr Tomakh, main Metalurg coach: That's it about football. It's a pity that we play better than shows our place in the table.

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