Chornomoretz-Dnipro 1:2
Att. 3000
Referrees: Yarmenchuk (Kyiv), Lemekh, Derev'yanko (Lviv)
Chornomoretz squad:
    Dolgansky, Kolchyn, Sushko, Kamnev, (Tkachenko, 79),
    Petz, Schekotylin, Shutov, Huseinov, Zotov, Mglynetz',
    Musolitin (Kozakevych, 90)
0:1 Moroz (6, foot, after pass from Palyanytsya))
1:1 Mglynetz' (28, direct free kick)
1:2 Getzko (65, head, after pass from Parfyonov)
Booked: Musolitin (16, leg kick), Moroz (33, desagreement with referree), Kharkovschenko (83, ball kick after the game stop)
Out: Moroz (82, zatrymka supernyka rukamy)

   NB. Huseinov got the "Zolota butsa" for 99 Ukrainian scorings and one score for CSKA Moscow in 1987. Everybody demands Huseinov to score 100th time to enter and head the Ukrainian Club 100. The hero was very active during the game. Actually Chodutvoretz was dominant especially in the second half. Both coaches Hrozny (Dnipro) and Porkuyan (Chudo) recognized that CHornomoretz was better, whereas Dnipro realized all possibilities. Speaks Valery Porkuyan: "In the second half the ball was constantly flying in the Dnipro box, but nobody could play ahead, so I'd call this game a match of unused opportunities. There was nothing to do-we were just unlucky" Speaks Hrozny: " I liked Chornomoretz very much. The team was persistent and active. But soccer is interesting because it is not the more active side that always wins. I am satisfied with the result but I have many things to tell my players".

Recieved from: Maksim Kopanitsa,